What is an IRB?

Institutional review boards at academic research centers, hospitals, and universities across the U.S. are part of a federal oversight system created some thirty years ago to safeguard the rights and well-being of people who volunteer to take part in research.  Within this system of “research protections,” institution-based ethics review boards (i.e. IRB’s) provide prior review and approval of research with “human subjects.”  The IRB promotes an institution’s application of the core ethical principles related to research and supports compliance with federal, state, and local research regulations.  

The NYSPI IRB: Through prior and continuing review of research, investigator training, consultation, and ongoing quality improvement activities, the IRB helps support and guide the Institute’s research activities.  Our membership provides expertise in the ethical, regulatory and scientific dimensions of human subjects research.  Diversity in background, gender, race and ethnicity enrich the Board's experience and cultural sensitivity. Our devoted lay membership brings the perspectives of patients, their families, and the community to our work.  IRB leadership works closely with NYSPI leadership to foster a local culture consistent with our ethical ideals and our commitment to excellence.