What is PRISM?

PRISM, the Psychiatric Research IRB Submission Module is designed to facilitate and manage all electronic submissions to the NYSPI IRB. PRISM has been expanded to include the Protocol Summary Form (PSF), as well as the Application for Continuation of Approval of Research (ACAR), Amendments and Fast Track submissions for recruitment materials. The IRB accepts new submissions through the PRISM system, using the PRISM PSF.

To register and receive a login to access PRISM for the first time, please click on this link For technical questions about the PRISM system, you may contact our IT team at IRBWEB.

For technical assistance  

As was the case with the ACAR, we expect that the PRISM PSF will take some getting used to. You may contact the PRISM Help Desk at 646-774-6506 during business hours regarding technical questions or feedback or email us at IRBWEB.

Having difficulty with file uploads?

If you experience any problems uploading files to your PSF or ACAR, please do the following.

  1. Send a copy of the document and the text of the error message to IRBWEB.
  2. Convert the document to a pdf. You can use this free software.
  3. Review the pdf for any inconsistencies with the original, and if there are none, upload it to your form.

If you continue to have problems please contact us at 646-774-6506 or email us at IRBWEB.


Login to PRISM




PRISM Instructions Manuals

How to submit an amendment

How to submit an annual continuation

How to define the research team

How to submit an already created form

General Instructions

Research Chief Instructions

Outline of the Electronic PSF