IRB Administration

Submission of Research for Review

All study-related submissions (including request to amend approved protocols, protocol violations, and serious adverse events) must be submitted in PRISM. The exception to this rule is:

If you have any questions about what constitutes a protocol deviation or violation that should be reported, please contact the IRB Research Monitor, Cynthia Desmond, at

All Other Correspondence

We welcome your questions, and we ask that your use our email address for all other communication. Please include the PI-IRB protocol number in the subject line of all correspondence. 

Please note: IRB main office reads and "triages" IRBMail daily, have ready access to protocol files, and assign each query for response. Please DO NOT email IRB Analysts or the Chair directly without including IRBMail on protocol matters as this risks loss or delay in responding to your request. It is also not necessary to cc any of us individually on queries addressed to IRBMail. Urgent patient care related queries will be forwarded immediately to the Chairman from IRBMail.

Address 1051 Riverside Drive, Box 10, New York, NY 10032
Location Suite 5200, Pardes Building
Phone 646-774-7155
Fax 646-774-7154

IRB Team

Corinne Rogers, MS, CIP
IRB Director
Phone: (646) 774-7162

Andria Whited, MSW, CIP
Protocol Analyst
Phone: (646) 774-7156

Cynthia Desmond, JD, MS
Director of Research Compliance & Integrity
Phone: (646) 774-6543

Irene Yu
Administrative Assistant to IRB Director, Project Administrator
Phone: (646) 774-7155

Stephanie Collins-Reed, PhD, CIP
Protocol Analyst
Phone: (646) 774-7151

Kiley P. Zachs, MA, CIP
Protocol Analyst and Monitor
Phone: (646) 774-7160

Monique Pierre
Research Compliance Monitor
Phone: (646) 774-6527



IT Helpline

Please contact the IT Help Line, 646-774-6506 for technical questions, Mon-Fri between 9:00am-5:00pm.

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