Recruitment Materials: PRISM Fast Track

Guidelines for Composing Recruitment Documents

All advertisements, brochures, Websites and flyers used in the recruitment of research subjects must be approved by the IRB. The following guidelines should be used in composing recruitment documents:

  • The word "research" must appear prominently in all recruitment materials.

  • Flyers and postings to be used within NYSPI or CUIMC must include the NYSPI-IRB protocol number.

  • Advertisements should not promise benefit beyond what is contained in the Protocol Summary Form and the informed consent documents.

  • Advertisements should not emphasize payment but may indicate that modest compensation is offered for time and any inconvenience caused.

  • For advertisements on social media (Facebook, Instagram), please be sure to review Facebook's ad guide for image design recommendations and technical requirements, along with Facebook's policies on prohibited content (e.g., personal attributes such as "you" are not permitted). Please contact the Communications Office for additional guidance.

  • For Google advertisements, please note that three headlines of a maximum of 30 characters each and two descriptions of a maximum of 90 characters each are required. If an image is used, please review Google's image size guide and contact the Communications Office for additional guidance.

  • New submissions of social media images should be reviewed and approved by the Communications Office before submitting to the IRB. A copy of the correspondence with the Communications Office should be uploaded with the ad in the PRISM submission.

Review and Approval of Recruitment Materials

  • What is the process for review and approval of recruitment materials?

    All recruitment materials must be submitted to the IRB via PRISM for review and approval before they are used. For amendments that only involve revisions of recruitment materials, utilize the Fast Track submission process in PRISM. When the IRB completes its review, it will stamp the recruitment materials for approval. The stamp will indicate the date the material is approved and the date on which IRB approval of the study is due to expire.

    Copies of all recruitment materials intended for use in the upcoming year should be included in the Application for Continuation of Research (ACAR) in PRISM. Only material that receives a NYSPI IRB approval stamp may be used.

  • What needs to be reviewed by the IRB?

    All direct public recruitment materials must be reviewed and approved by the IRB prior to the initiation of recruitment procedures. This includes newspaper advertisements, postings and flyers used in the community and within the NYSPI-Columbia Presbyterian campus, brochures to be distributed in clinics, enrollment in web-based or other forms of referral services, etc. This material should be submitted to the IRB with the initial protocol submission if possible.

  • What material does not need to be reviewed by the IRB?

    IRB review is not required for general material regarding a study or clinic. This type of material is usually oriented towards the general public and includes articles, informational websites, and press releases. Material not requiring review by the IRB should be sent to Carla Cantor, Director of Communications, at

    To request a protocol exception (a one time change to inclusion/exclusion criteria, procedures, or any other element of the study), write to IRBmail.