The REDCap system is available for e-signature in which case a waiver of documentation of consent is not necessary. REDCap is currently the only system acceptable for e-signature, by turning on the e-consent option.

  1. What to do if your study does not utilize REDCap?

    If consent is obtained remotely without e-signature in REDCap, then a Waiver of Documentation of Consent is necessary. The signature of the person obtaining consent is still a requirement.

  2. Do we include the HIPAA form in REDCap?

    Yes. The NYSPI HIPAA form can be included in your consent as a PDF available to the subject for download. Please utilize a checkbox that the subject checks to confirm that they were provided a copy.

  3. How do we provide a copy of the consent form to participants from REDCap?

    The e-Consent Framework stores a PDF of the signed consent. The PDF is stored in the File Repository (under the Applications left-hand menu). Choose PDF Survey Archive, then download and print the consent forms.

  4. If an additional signature is required, such as a clinician signature:

    This content is currently being reviewed and will be posted soon.

Access to REDCap

Please see details at https://psyit.nyspi.org/redcap