Forms & Template

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Affiliate Investigator Instructions

Authorization Agreement

Consent Form Template 

Form of Notice By IND/IDE Holder

MRI Director Approval

Notice of Privacy Practices

Uploaded Protocol Summary Form (PSF)

IRB Full Board Roster 2022 (de-identified)


Reliance Request Form (request to have the NYSPI IRB rely on another IRB which serves as the IRB of Record)

Research Monitoring Form  

Request for Use of De-Identified Data

Short Form for Witness of Consent (to be used for non-English speaking participants or participants who cannot read)

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HIPAA Authorization  

HIPAA Child Authorization

HIPAA Waiver

 HIPAA Authorization (Spanish)

 HIPAA Child Authorization (Spanish)


PLEASE NOTE, a fillable HIPAA form is available on the NSYPI Intranet. To access the NYSPI Intranet, please go to the site, then For Employees and Staff. The left column menu bar offers NYSPI Intranet. Once you are on the NYSPI Intranet site, the right column Quick Links offers HIPAA. On the HIPAA page, the right column the third bullet point under HIPAA/Privacy Rescources links to the fillable form.

Patient Chosen Surrogate (PCS) Forms

PCS Checklist

PCS Form III(a) 


 PCS Form I    

 PCS Form III(b)  


 PCS Form II

 PCS Form III(c)



Spanish PCS Form II  

Spanish PCS Form III (b) 

Spanish PCS Form IV

  Spanish PCS Form III (a)

  Spanish PCS Form III (c)



PCS Policy Letter to MHLS  


NYSPI IRB Guidance Documents

Alternative Lay Language for Medical Terms

Gadolinium Guidance 2016

JRSC Radiation Exposure Risk Language for Consent Form

Medication Taper Guidelines &

Medication Taper Worksheet

MRI Guidelines

Multi-Site Protocols 2016



NYSPI COVID Guidance for PSF & CF


NYSPI Remote Communication Guidelines 2020

Research Record Retention Policy

Research Record Scanning Policy

Revised Common Rule 2019

Policy of Women of Childbearing Potential