Collaborative IRB Training Initiative


The Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc and the NYS Office of Mental Health have issued a policy regarding training in human subject protection for all researchers, key personnel, IRB members, IRB staff, and Institutional Officers involved in human subjects research or its oversight.

All those who play a significant role in the design, conduct, or oversight of research that is reviewed by the NYS Psychiatric Institute IRB are required to complete a web-based instruction course known as "CITI" (Collaborative IRB Training Initiative) prior to taking part in research.  A "refresher course" is required every three years.  Researchers are also encouraged to avail themselves of the many lectures, seminars, workshops and courses in ethics and human subjects protections offered at NYSPI and Columbia University Medical Center.  Finally, we encourage new investigators to join us at a Wednesday subcommittee to get a first hand look at the review process.  Contact the IRB office for more information. 

If you have already completed CITI training with Columbia, or with some other institution, please note that THE TRAINING IS NOT RECIPROCAL.  You must complete all of the modules that are required by NYSPI. See CITI FAQs for instructions on how to affiliate with another institution, in this case, New York State Psychiatric Institute, and complete whatever additional modules are required.


CITI is a well-respected and widely used web-based training program that was designed by and is updated and maintained by a number of nationally known IRB professionals. 

The CITI Program is designed around topic specific modules, each followed by a short quiz.  Completion of the requirements takes between 3.5-4.5 hours for most participants.  CITI allows you to log-off at anytime and it will keep a record of your progress through the training.  You do not have to complete the training in a single session.

Once you visit the main page, select Register for the CITI course, then select New York State Psychiatric Institute under "Participating Institutions."

Documentation of Completion

Each principal investigator will be required to attest in the IRB Protocol Summary Form to the fact that all study personnel required to complete the CITI course have done so.  PI's or department heads are expected to maintain documentation of staff certification. The IRB will conduct periodic audits of these study records.

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